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Enphase The smartest choice in solar energy There are three advantages of equipping your solar with Enphase technology It ensures the highest level of reliability outstanding performance and the highest return on your investment All compelling reasons why Enphase is the smartest choice in solar energy Smart Energy Designed in California

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Inverters are an essential part of every solar installation If you switch to solar energy you will learn a few things The energy generated by your solar panels can t be used immediately by the appliances in your home Your solar panels generate direct current DC electricity Inverters are needed to convert this DC into usable alternating current AC electricity at 230V to match what your home is supplied by the grid The inverter is the most intelligent part of one This means that you don t have to your system and determines output install a large and potentially noisy string Various types of inverter are available on inverter unit in your home the market The two most common are conventional string inverters and innovative microinverters such as those equipped with the latest Enphase technology Enphase Envoy versatile ingenuity The Enphase Envoy is the brain behind the system It collects data from your microinverters and regularly communicates with Enphase servers in order to guarantee the best possible performance The Enphase Our Enlighten monitoring software gives you total control You can constantly track the functioning of the system and the generation data from any web browser on your desktop PC and any mobile device Enlighten software is efficient and reliable It helps and supports both the owner and the system installer to track and manage the system Envoy S Metered is not only able to provide Future proof data about the generation of each individual With production metering and consump panel but also about your household tion monitoring options Envoy S is the energy consumption platform for total energy management It has been designed to integrate with the Enphase microinverters make the difference Enphase AC Battery which provides the solution to energy storage Enphase is setting new standards in reliability simplicity and safety The result is an energy system designed to ensure top performance of your solar panels The major difference between the conventional string inverter and Enphase microinverters is that microinverters convert the output of each solar panel individually into alternating current for your everyday use getting the best performance out of each Smart Energy Designed in California Enphase Envoy S and the Enphase Microinverter Reliability Market leading 20 year warranty Enphase microinverters have a 20 year warranty Because they work at low voltages the reliability and lifespan can be guaranteed for a much longer period than most other manufacturers With the Enphase system you avoid string inverters that operate at high voltages which can result in the need for the system to be serviced or replaced sooner

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Maximum output Energy output of string inverters vs Enphase microinverters With Enphase your system is running at the maximum possible output giving you more power for your money Enlighten 50 makes it easier for your installer to remotely A string system will only produce as much as its worst performing panel 84 2 Smart and Safe Enphase microinverters operate independently resulting in greater energy output identify and resolve issues such as dirt accumulation panel degradation or faulty 90 100 90 90 100 90 equipment Another advantage of the Enphase microinverter is that while one panel may have a problem the other 100 solar panels continue to perform optimally 50 75 100 50 75 allowing for a faster return on your investment String Inventer Extremely low failure rate Enphase System Be smarter with your home energy consumption The Enphase system allows you to not only track your energy production but also monitor your home s energy usage You ll save more on your energy bills According to the Energy Saving Trust in the first year that you use an energy monitor your energy usage costs can fall by 5 to 15 If you choose Enphase microinverters the Year after year system will require minimal maintenance in Quality is one of Enphase s key core values Our products undergo more than 1 million the years ahead Enphase systems are We re passionate about building products hours of testing Accelerated processes characterised by an extremely low failure our customers can count on no matter the are used to enable long term reliability rate In the event that an individual micro climate That s why quality is at the forefront testing to be performed prior to a product inverter is not operating optimally it will only in every step of our design process and being released Enphase laboratories impact the energy output of that one specific production process Enphase applies the across the world test the microinverters solar panel This means replacement can most rigorous quality standards in the under the most extreme weather Savings Take control mind solar energy isn t a free pass to leave supplied to appliances in your home from be planned and managed at minimal cost industry The product warranty we conditions Your energy consumption will become all of your lights on Conserve power to make the power sockets By comparison string while the rest of the system continues to offer covers defects in manufacture and much more transparent with the Enphase the most of your energy savings Smart inverter systems use high voltage direct function as normal Conversely if a string materials for a period of 20 years Additionally our microinverters remain MyEnlighten app and this leads to real consumption is the best way to see a quicker current DC electricity from the solar savings You can view your electricity payback on your solar energy investment panels at your home replacement Within the 20 year warranty 1 000 000 hours of performance and reliability testing conventional inverters because every period provided by Enphase should a Enphase invests a minimum of 15 of its power from one individual solar panel microinverter fail a replacement unit will be turnover into Research and Development provided free of charge including quality and reliability innovations inverter fails the entire system will go offline and require urgent perhaps costly cool they generate less heat than module converts just a small amount of usage by month day hour or latest production data which enables you to Safety first spot patterns and immediately see where Enphase microinverters are interconnected you might be wasting energy Keep in using 230 Volt cabling the same as is How the Enphase System Works Enphase microinverter Enphase Envoy S Enphase Enlighten Software Additional risks of using a high voltage string inverter are not present with the Enphase microinverter solution The output from the microinverters is connected directly to the electricity grid using your existing wiring No additional safety adaptations are required in your home Enphase AC Battery Own usage Grid http www energysavingtrust org uk home energy efficiency energy saving quick wins Smart Energy Designed in California

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Future proof Enphase products allow easy adaptation and flexible design of your system permitting you to utilise a larger area of your roof The design plan can even be refigured during installation If you d like to expand your system in the future by installing even more solar panels this is also not a problem For small budgets installation is within reach even if it means starting with just one solar panel Enphase Microinverters Enphase Enlighten in the cloud Envoy S for total energy management communications gateway delivers your The next step in efficient energy management storage of the energy your system produces solar production and consumption data The Enphase AC Battery is a rechargeable from the Enphase system to the Enlighten battery that enables you to store the monitoring and analysis software for energy produced during the day for use in comprehensive remote maintenance and the evening and the morning This enables management at any time Through your you to consume more of the electricity smartphone or tablet you can see the generated by your solar system and most up to date production or how much reduces dependence on your energy you are actually consuming company With the modular Enphase The Enphase Envoy S Metered Improvements in the latest technological advancements making batteries safer and more economical due to longer life spans Choose the right solution Determine based on your generation and consumption how much storage capacity is best for you today Ask your installer for advice Align your budget to your specific AC Battery you can choose to start small energy needs Avoid spending too much and add more capacity at any time on a storage system that is larger than thereafter By storing the energy you necessary produce you are prepared for changes in the future such as Rising electricity costs or a change in your energy consumption An altered or diminished policy for payments received for the surplus The Enphase system means you have constant access to your production and consumption data as it records in 15 minute increments Your particular data enables you and your installer to build a system that is tailored to your needs Enphase MyEnlighten Enphase AC Battery electricity you export to the grid Enphase Envoy S Smart Energy Designed in California

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Smart Energy Designed in California Enphase Energy founded in 2006 in California believes that clean energy should be available to everyone Our technological innovations allow us to offer a renewable solar energy solution for every budget Quality reliability ease and safety are our company s core values With an Enphase energy system you get the highest return on your investment and you re also prepared for the future www enphase com uk Enphase M250 microinverter Enphase Envoy S Enphase Enlighten Software Enphase AC Battery Inverters convert the produced energy DC into usable energy AC The inverter is the heart of your system and determines your return on investment The Enphase Envoy is the brain of your system It collects data controls and communicates continuously with your microinverters to ensure the best possible performance Thanks to Enlighten you can check the status of your system via the Internet It also offers suggestions to reduce energy consumption Store excess production energy which you can use when needed

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