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Solar Mason Equal Opportunities Policy

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SOLAR MASON EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY SOLARMASON COM A General Purpose Solar Mason LLC the Company recognises equality is one of the utmost important value of the Company and is committed to providing equal opportunities to all in employment prohibit discriminatory conduct in the workplace and encourage equality diversity and inclusion within the workplace as a matter of employment obligation and legal responsibility We oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination which includes but is not limited to wages reimbursements remuneration package redundancy leave promotion and other developmental opportunities This policy applies to all employees under a permanent contract part time contract interns volunteers and casual workers The policy aims to 1 Provide equal employment opportunities for employees irrespective of their age gender race ethnicity disability nationality sexual orientation marital status religious belief and social class 2 Create an equal diverse and inclusive workplace culture that maximises business performance 3 Create a workplace free of harassment bullying victimization and discrimination and ensure all employees feel respected and 4 Ensure all decisions concerning employment issues are based on merit This policy is endorsed and fully supported by the Company and its senior management The Company reserves all rights to amend the content of the policy at any time This policy does not form part of any employee s contract of employment and we may amend it at any time B Our Responsibilities and Measures Senior management of the Company is responsible for the dissemination and implementation of this policy in the Company All managers must set an appropriate standard of behaviour lead by example and ensure that those they manage adhere to the policy and promote the Company s aims and objectives with regard to equal opportunities The Human Resources Department is responsible for overall compliance and handling breach allegations

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SOLAR MASON EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY SOLARMASON COM The Company is responsible for providing regular training sessions for all employees on equality issues Equality information is also included in induction programmes We aim to ensure all employees of the Company to be made aware of the provisions of the policy Staff are invited to comment on this policy and suggest ways in which it might be improved by contacting Noel Segui C General Principles The Company will not tolerate any forms of discrimination harassment and unequal treatment in terms of recruitment employment promotion transfer training working conditions etc against employees encompassing the following characteristics a Age b Disability c Gender transsexuality and transgender d Marital or civil partnership status e Pregnancy or maternity f Race including ethnic and national origin g Religion or belief h Sex i Sexual orientation j Disability k HIV AIDS vilification and l Medical record The Company reserves all rights to amend and update the list from time to time This applies in the workplace outside the workplace when dealing with customers suppliers or other work related contacts and on work related trips or events including social events

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SOLAR MASON EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY D SOLARMASON COM Discrimination The Company will not tolerate any forms of discrimination including but not limited to direct and indirect discrimination Direct discrimination occurs when an employee with one or more of the protected characteristic is treated less favorably than somebody else has or would have been in identical circumstances unless the treatment is justified for a legitimate business reason Indirect discrimination occurs when a group of employees with one or more of the protected characteristics is disadvantaged by a provision criterion or practice that is applied to all staff unless the treatment may be justified for a good business reason Other discriminatory conducts include but is not limited to a Instructing or compelling other employees to discriminate or harass b Knowingly assist somebody else when they discriminate or harass c Discriminating anyone who associates with the third party with one or more of the protected characteristics E Harassment Harassment occurs when an employee with one or more of the protected characteristics receives hostile humiliating intimidating or offensive treatment which deprives employee s dignity and such conduct are deemed unwelcomed by the employee Such conduct will not be tolerated even though it is labelled as a joke and the offender has committed it unintentionally Unacceptable conducts include but is not limited to a Excluding and isolating any employees b Making abusive derogatory unkind hostile or otherwise unwelcoming statements regarding an employee and c Performing any forms of sexual harassment including but not limited to making sexually offensive statements verbally performing physical conducts bringing similar unwelcoming effects display sexually explicit materials sexual assault and indecent exposure

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SOLAR MASON EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY F SOLARMASON COM Recruitment All employees whether part time full time or temporary will be treated fairly and with respect The recruitment promotion and other selection exercises such as redundancy selection will be conducted on the basis of merit against objective criteria that avoid discrimination To ensure that this policy is operating effectively and to identify groups that may be underrepresented or disadvantaged in our organisation we monitor applicants ethnic group gender disability sexual orientation religion and age as part of the recruitment procedure Provision of this information is voluntary and it will not adversely affect an individual s chances of recruitment or any other decision related to their employment The information is removed from applications before shortlisting and kept in an anonymised format solely for the purposes stated in this policy Analysing this data helps us take appropriate steps to avoid discrimination and improve equality and diversity i Job Postings All job advertisements and opportunity announcements for both internal and external parties and potential employees of the company must Be written in a manner that doesn t include any implications which discourage any individuals having one or more of the protected characteristics from applying as far as possible Circulated to the widest extent to reach a wide and diverse pool of talents and When some degree of skills or certain physical features are required for a certain job position or opportunity it must be clearly w the advertisement and shall not discourage any individuals who don t possess such characteristics or skills to apply for other opportunities Employees should consult the Human Resources Department before posting a job advertisement or opportunity announcement ii Selection Process Regarding all selection processes that the Company adopts within our business including but not limited to selecting interviewees for job opportunities offering employment opportunities promotion demotion considering other opportunities the Company will apply non discriminatory criteria and consider the relevant applicant s suitability for the position and capability as far as possible

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SOLAR MASON EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY SOLARMASON COM We promise to provide clear and accurate information to enable any applicants to assess their capability and suitability for any opportunities and selection will be thorough and conducted against the defined criteria Successful candidates are chosen for legitimate reasons but not for any protected characteristics they possessed Legitimate reasons include but is not limited to Economic factors such as business needs and efficiency The health welfare and safety of the individual concerned including the protection of young people or older workers The particular training requirements of the job Job applicants should not be asked questions which might suggest an intention to discriminate on grounds of a protected characteristic specified in the policy hereinabove If you are responsible or involved in interviewing any potential employees of the Company you shall not ask about their health conditions whether they have had a disability their marital status or make any statements that might infer biased treatments before making job offers You should consult the Human Resources Director if you are ever in doubt about what questions shall you ask or what documents shall you require the potential candidate to submit as part of the recruitment process However where necessary job offers can be made conditional on a satisfactory medical check Training needs will be identified through regular appraisals You will be given appropriate access to training to enable you to progress within the Company and all promotion decisions will be made on the basis of merit G Disability Discrimination We will not discriminate against job applicant or employees because they have a disability If any employee needs temporary or long term assistance or has a disability or becomes disable then the employee should talk to their immediate supervisor or HR We will ensure that any employee with a disability is provided with appropriate facilities or services they need to do the essential parts of their job If we consider a particular adjustment would not be reasonable we will explain our reasons and try to find an alternative solution where possible H Policy Violations We take all breaches of this policy very seriously and we hereby promise all allegations of breach will be thoroughly investigated by the Human Resources Department confidentially and fairly We will ensure that disciplinary procedures and penalties are applied without discrimination whether they result in disciplinary warnings dismissal or other disciplinary action Employees should contact the Human Resources Department as soon as possible shall you wish to raise an allegation of a breach under the policy Any allegations made in

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SOLAR MASON EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY SOLARMASON COM good faith will be fully supported by the Company with all appropriate measures and investigation being taken out regardless of the conclusion of the allegation and the subjective view of any senior management There will never by any reprisals against employees who raise allegations of a breach under the policy Nevertheless allegations or attempts to make allegations in bad faith for whatever reasons will be classified as misconduct and may lead to dismissal upon the discretion of the Company Anyone who breached this policy will be subject to disciplinary depending on the severity of the breach The Company reserves all right to dismiss employees without notice and with no payment in lieu of that notice shall the breach is so severe that amounts to gross misconduct according to the discretion of the Company s senior management I For more information If you have any questions or need further guidance please contact your human resources representative at Noel Segui J Revision Date This Agreement was last updated on 17 July 2022 Revision Date If you were a user before the Revision Date it replaces the existing Equal Opportunities Policy