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Solar Mason Media Relations Policy

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SOLAR MASON MEDIA RELATION POLICY SOLARMASON COM At Solar Mason LLC the Company no person without the prior involvement and approval of the Corporate Communications department is authorised to speak to any member of the press either on or off the record or on a background basis regarding Company or its business If you receive inquiries from the media or have any questions about any aspect of the policy below please contact one of our Corporate Communications Media Relations representatives One of the Company s most important assets is its reputation and communicating with the news media is an important way of promoting the company s strategy and capabilities to clients shareholders and the public The Corporation s Media Relations Policy is designed to protect and enhance this asset The policy below refers specifically to business related discussions involving the Company its affiliates and its any related activities It does not address solely personal discussions that are not in any way related to Company that do not mention Company that are not performed on Company time or premises and that do not use Company material or communications tools Failure to comply with this policy can subject the employee to disciplinary action including the possibility of termination Media Contacts All news media requests seeking interviews or business related discussions involving any employee must first be cleared by Corporate Communications and if necessary the employee s manager Even off the record and background discussions with a reporter must first be cleared with Corporate Communications and if necessary the appropriate manager This includes requests from print broadcast and online media All contact from the media should be referred and or reported to Corporate Communications even if you don t think the call merits a response Failure to report a call can result in unwanted or inaccurate press coverage as well as damaging the Company s relationships with the news organisations If contacted in person or in other ways by the Media with general or specific comments simply state Please address your questions to Company Media Relations

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SOLAR MASON MEDIA RELATION POLICY SOLARMASON COM When media interviews are approved employees should only comment on matters that reflect their specific areas of responsibility or expertise Only members of Executive Management Corporate Communications professionals and other employees specifically authorised by Corporate Communications may comment on the news media about the Company strategic plans significant organisational or administrative matters results of operations or information financial or non financial indicative of the firm s performance Even those employees who are specifically authorised to make such comments must first coordinate discussions with Corporate Communications Media inquiries on subjects of a legal or compliance nature will be addressed by Corporate Communications in coordination with Legal and Compliance If you have news about the company you wish to promote externally e g new hire appointments new product launches etc please contact Corporate Communications to discuss further If you are asked to discuss with the media an activity you are involved with outside of your role with the company i e school board work with a non profit organization please coordinate with Corporate Communications to ensure your discussion is accurately identified as a personal activity Participation in Social Media in any form including but not limited to blogs video postings wikis online communities podcasts internet bulletin boards virtual worlds must be consistent with existing Company policies including the Code of Ethics Information Protection and the Electronic Communications Media Policy as well as the use of confidential or proprietary information about Company Speeches Articles Letters to the Editor Books All speeches or presentations in a public forum or an event regarding business related topics or Company where a member of the media could have access to must be approved by Corporate Communications prior to the employee accepting the invitation to determine if the subject matter appears to be sensitive or controversial Participants must clearly distinguish between personal opinions and Company positions They also must have prior approval of senior management in their organisations and Legal and Compliance should review the submission in advance Corporate Communications must approve all requests to write articles and books related to their job function and or Company and review these documents prior to publication All letters to the editor on company stationery or emails from company accounts as well as all those that may be construed to reflect official company policy must be approved by Corporate

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SOLAR MASON MEDIA RELATION POLICY SOLARMASON COM Company Products and Research You are prohibited from distributing Company s product prototypes or research reports to reporters or non clients Requests for prototypes or research reports should be referred to Media Relations References to specific industries or products must be consistent with policies for such discussions as established by the Company General Guidelines In addition to the specific provisions of this Policy employees should be aware of the following general guidelines No one is permitted to disclose material non public information verbally or in writing about the Company to anyone outside the firm without approval by Legal and Compliance We do not disclose profitability of individual units or earnings except at the scheduled reporting periods or in connection with a public release of information approved by Legal and Compliance We do not make or comment on specific earnings projections We do not breach the confidentiality of customer accounts We do not comment on the merits of the Company as an investment the merits of investment in the financial markets generally or on rumours or unusual market activities concerning Company securities We do not comment on issuers in registration activities of former employees compensation or bonuses or activities of competitors that are not otherwise publicly known other than comments by authorisedzed persons regarding products and services in their area of expertise Endorsements Company employees may not provide any client vendor service provider business partner or any other person with publicity related statements endorsements or qualitative comments about any aspect of their business for public dissemination purposes without obtaining approval by Communications Legal or Compliance Endorsements are not to be promised at any time including during contract negotiations without prior approval by legal compliance corporate communications and supply chain management This policy includes the following

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SOLAR MASON MEDIA RELATION POLICY SOLARMASON COM Press releases including announcements of contract signings or other publicity materials Interviews or comments to reporters Authorisation to use the Company Company or any other brands names or logos is required for Client lists Annual reports Websites or website links Any other sales or marketing materials Case studies This does not include factually accurate statements regarding the firm s role in a transaction Statements in a proxy or press release are not covered by this policy but may be covered by other approval procedures Company authorises use of the firm s name on client lists with the execution of an appropriate agreement However requests for endorsements attributed to the company or an employee or for a press release are generally denied Such requests may be approved in special circumstances where there is a clear quantifiable value for Company For more information If you have any questions or need further guidance please contact your Corporate Communications representative at support solarmason com Revision Date This Agreement was last updated on 17 July 2022 Revision Date If you were a user before the Revision Date it replaces the existing Social Media Policy