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Solar Tax Credits & Incentives

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SOLAR TAX CREDITS AND INCENTIVES SOLARMASON COM SOLAR ENERGY UTILITY NET METERING The billing mechanism is utilized to credit the owner s utility account for direct energy savings Your system size is based on your kWh annual total usage We match your usage to achieve 90 100 offset SREC SOLAR RENEWABLE ENERGY CREDITS Earned every time your system produces 1MWh of solar electricity Once you establish your brokerage account you may begin trading your SREC value for monthly cash flow in addition to net metering IRS ITC INVESTMENT TAX CREDIT A 26 tax credit for systems installed in 2020 2022 and 22 for systems installed in 2023 Your personal or business tax liability should be reviewed by your tax advisor for more detailed information IRS MACRS DEPRECIATION BUSINESSES ONLY A Commercial meter and rate schedule are both required to use the 5 Year Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System Consult your tax advisor for further guidance on this depreciation schedule SOLAR GRID TIED HYBRID SYSTEMS ONLY Only grid tied hybrid systems will be eligible for these credits and incentives Owners must maintain a working email and internet connection for systems to qualify for credits Disclaimer Utility Interconnection approvals and permits are required by law for all grid tied hybrid Solar PV Energy systems Solar Company Owners and Property Owners will be held accountable for circumvention endangering the grid and its workforce 570 795 4019 800 James Ave Suite 2120 Scranton PA 18510 support solarmason com PPL will distribute overproduction payments once a year in May to customers who select them as a supplier Check if your supplier offers Net Metering The MACRS requires a commercial meter and rate schedule to qualify while tax credits require a tax liability for eligibility